R4 3DS Gold®

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition

R4i 3DS Gold is one of the newest R4 3DS card products on the market which is fully compatible with Nintendo 3DS and is backwards compatible with the older versions of Nintendo DS and NDSi. This flash card is designed to be used for the newest Nintendo 3DS console. However, all Nintendo DS, NDSi, DSi XL and DS Lite models are also compatible with R4 3DS Gold Deluxe Edition. This card can be used to listen to MP3 files, watch movies, look at your digital photos and read eBooks. This is also a slot-1 NDS flash card.


To use the new features of the DSi consoles firmware, the R4i 3DS card’s menu system was modified. The R4 DSi card now runs using the new 1.4 firmware used by the DSi console and the DSi XL. This card has the same size as any slot 1flash card. It also support action replace cheat codes, fat 16 and fat 32, and 32Gb SDHC memory cards. If you want more storage capacity, you can also use micro SD card or TransFlash (TF) memory card.


If you compare 3DS to the previous Nintendo DS models it looks more like as if 3DS was made by Sony and not Nintendo. The design looks more strict – less of a toy – more hi-tech.